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Anti-Corruption Strategy

Cabinet Office and Home Office

Estimated Completion, End of 2016

The UK's Anti-Corruption Strategy lays out the Government's plans to tackle domestic and international corruption, and announces the appointment of a new Anti-Corruption Champion. The Strategy was due to be launched in December 2016 but was published a year late, on 11 December 2017.

The UK's Anti-Corruption Strategy


Since 2013, Transparency International UK have been calling for the UK Government to produce a world class anti-corruption strategy. In 2014 the Government published its Anti-Corruption Plan; it was not perfect, but was a very credible attempt to bring together existing activities within a more coherent framework, set timetables and take ownership of an issues that other governments have ignored.

Without an over-arching anti-corruption strategy there is no discernible long term vision or goal to which the Plan is contributing or view of what a coordinated government approach to corruption should look like. And since the Summit, there have been a number of occasions – whether MPs taking second (or third) jobs, the introduction of a new anti-money laundering watchdog, or repeated revelations on the UK’s role in facilitating global corruption – which an Anti-Corruption Strategy would have given the public clarity on the Government’s attitude to certain issues.


At the Anti-Corruption Summit, the UK Government pledged to “develop a cross-government Anti-Corruption Strategy by the end of 2016, which will set out our long-term vision for tackling corruption, including how we will implement the [Summit] commitments”

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Why do we need a world class anti-corruption strategy?